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The department will continue to praise God’s name. The achievements it has made cannot be attributed to anything but the omniscient being, this runs from the recognition and support by the administration to the “let me see again” results when the pupils sit for their KCPE Exams.

The department takes it upon itself to see that there is spiritual upkeep in the school. The pupils are given time to share spiritually among themselves and this has result to high moral standards and confidence building. Among them are preachers, pupils who can sit and compose very good sacred songs and those who sometimes struggle just to get a chance in order to say a prayer during school’s official functions. Pupils do take the day.

The department finally gives thanks to every person who has seen to it that CRE is not just regarded as a supplementary subject that is out to convert the pupils but as a subject which has a formal outline and goals.

The only joy that we have is that our base as a school is Christianity.

Our foundation is Jesus Christ so, why don’t you join us in lifting our hands above our heads, heads raise up. Put on a smiling face and we say aloud “Our Lord is able”

Come join us in the race to excellence