About Us

Golden Elites School is a private 8-4-4 curriculum Primary school comprising of a reputable Early Childhood Development and Education (E.C.D.E) preschool and a well performing primary school.

Golden Elites School opened its doors in 2000 as a neighborhood Primary in Tom Mboya estate Kisumu offering primary and preschool classes.

We soon outgrew our modest beginnings and in 2005, our primary school classes moved to class 8 where we did our first KCPE and was ranked among the top primary school nationally. Over the years the school has grown in size and population.

We have refurbished our facilities over time; modernized our learning resource centre and introduced Smart Classes (Computer lab). This has ensured that our students have access to the best learning and recreational resources.

Golden Elites Schools at a Glance


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Mission Statement

To be a pillar of excellence with faith in God, equipping the youth to be role models in facing life’s opportunity and challenges

School Motto

Racing to excellence

Our Philosophy
  •  Create a homely and conducive atmosphere for learning within the school environment.
  •  Relate, treat and interact with both parents and pupils with utmost respect.
  •  Perform all duties with passion and genuine interest using available resources.
  •  Communicate effectively, clearly and respectably with all.
  •  Provide all services with faithfulness, honesty, kindness and creativity.
  •  Care of all schools’ resources for the purpose of achieving the mission and vision statements.
  •  Develop a cordial relationship between the world around us.
Why Choose Us?
  • We understand that each student is unique in their strengths, talents and interests.
  • Our staffs are motivated by the opportunity of creating an environment and fostering a mindset in each student that affords them a chance to continuously improve on their academic and extra-curricular interests.
  • We consider ourselves to be ‘in loco parentis’ (in the place of a parent) and as such, always treat our students with respect and understanding.
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